Marketing Analytics Platform - Multi-touch Attribution

ConvertroAdvertising & AdTechJul 2012 - Jan 2019

In 2012, Convertro wanted to take the MVP built during the founding of the company and reimagine it as a product that could scale the company to millions of dollars in monthly-recurring revenue. Convertro required an employee that could handle both the architectural design requirements as well as the technical implementation. Variable provided Jared Scott to Convertro to fulfill the need.

After joining Convertro, Jared spent a few weeks understanding Convertro's market space and direction, as well as deep-diving on the existing product. With that knowledge in hand, Jared began architecting a new solution using SaaS principles. He used Django in the middle-tier to provide an API layer that the front-end (built using BackboneJS) could feed from. Django also had an admin console that he customized to allow non-technical members of the team to be able to contribute to the content management aspects of the product.

Jared also introduced Highcharts with a custom-built layer on top that allowed Product Managers to be able to create dashboards for new products with need for minimal technical oversight.

Over the next six years, Jared grew the engineering team working on the dashboard to 6 members and helped to teach and manage their tasks as a team lead & Director of UI Development and Interaction Design. Towards the end of the contract, he also introduced the usage of React components to replace the navigation bar and began migrating away from using CoffeeScript to native ES6.