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In an attempt to grow out understanding of React and the React ecosystem, we undertook a one-week long attempt at recreating a classic Windows game, Minesweeper. We have taken some liberties and have called our version, "Mimesweeper". Try it out today!


Our Mission

Variable works hand-in-hand with customers to support in designing and building web and mobile-based products. We specialize in working on SaaS products for B2B and B2B to B2C markets. Variable has over a decade of experience architecting robust and marketable software solutions for various industries with a focus on AdTech and Health & Fitness. Variable strives to integrate seamlessly into customer's engineering team, and focuses on providing functional and well-designed solutions that are future-proof.


In any engagement, Variable provides the following services as required by the customer:

  • Fully integrating with customers existing engineering team
  • Ability to work cohesively with product teams, project managers, design, customer success, solutions, and other aspects of the customers business
  • Expert at providing helpful visual-based solutions to complex analytical problems
  • Building user-customizable analytics dashboard solutions
  • 15 years experience working with startup and scale-up companies, ability to temporarily fill other needs such as DevOps, Fullstack, or Product Design

Specialties & Skills

Our team has specialties throughout the Software Development Lifecycle process, including the following:

ReactAngularVueJSTypeScriptPythonDjangoFlaskRubyHTML5SaSSBootstrapInformation ArchitectureInformation ManagementUI/UX Designi18nL10nWeb developmentWeb StackPipeline developmentTeam Management


Convertro Marketing Analytics Platform
Multi-touch Marketing Analytics Platform

B2B Marketing Analytics Platform designed from the ground-up to be functional and aesthetically pleasing


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GDPR Implementation on Existing Platform
GDPR Implementation on Existing Platform

Adding GDPR to an existing B2B Marketing Analytics Platform within time and budget constraints

API GatewayFlaskHTML5PythonLambdaAWS

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Patient / Provider Solution for Physical Therapy
Patient / Provider Solution for Physical Therapy

Creating a fully realized ecosystem for patients and providers of physical therapy including embedded software, mobile applications, web applications, backend systems, and data warehousing

SketchNodeJSReactSoftware ArchitecturePhilips HSDP

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Incrementality-based Marketing Analytics solution
Incrementality-based Marketing Analytics solution

Architecting & building from scratch a Marketing Analytics solution for advertisers using an existing backend. Fully serverless and built for scale using Angular, Node, Redshift, and ElasticSearch.

AngularNodeJSTypeScriptInformation DesignElasticSearchAWSTerraform

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Pioneer of Incrementality Measurement for the Adtech Vertical
Leader in Multi Touch Marketing Attribution
Verizon Digital Media Services Division
Largest wireless carrier in the United States
Provides home users, commercial fitness operators, and physical therapy facilities worldwide with the best fitness solutions tailored to their needs
Giant Group
World's largest bicycle designer and manufacturer


We are located in Taipei, Taiwan, however we do provide remote and onsite options around the world.

Meet the team

Jared M. Scott | Founder
Jared M. Scott | Founder
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Evon Chen | Chief Operating Officer
Evon Chen | Chief Operating Officer
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