Incrementality-based Marketing Analytics Platform

MeasuredAdvertising & AdTechOct 2020 - Mar 2023

When Variable began working with Measured, they were a 3-year old startup with great potential, however they were struggling to scale the business past a relatively small number of active clients. Measured was having difficulty increasing the number of clients due to the overhead of manual work needed to provide services to each client. Variable saw the chance to take the knowledge gained from the past projects building Marketing Analytics platforms and apply it to Measured.

While engaging Measured, we made the case for a pivot to a SaaS Product rather than continuing to provide a tech-enabled services Product. This is an understandably big endeavor for any company, so we put forth a proposal: give Variable a 3-month contract to build a Minimal Viable Product (an early version of a product that provides just enough features to give end-to-end functionality, aka “MVP”), and we will prove Measured can grow to over a hundred clients in a year. Measured agreed.

Since our last engagement two years ago, Variable took time to develop a proper approach to designing a marketing analytics platform. In the first days working with Measured we reached out to the Product team and began assessing the current Product stack. We looked for the strengths and weaknesses inherent in the stack. We looked through the eyes of a client user before asking for a guided tour from a member of the Customer Success team.

We defined a roadmap based on an overriding objective: Increase the active client usage by 300% by the end of the year and lay the groundwork for Measured to be able to achieve sustainable client growth in the years following. Variable set both quantitative and qualitative key metrics within 6 months, 12 months, and 18 months - number of active clients over a certain amount, time to deliver results under a day, increasing product uptime to 99.99% are some examples of the key results Variable put in place to track progress. After defining a roadmap with key metrics, We began tracking the metrics using Pendo, and Google Analytics.

A year following the completion of the MVP and beginning the transition to the new approach, we compiled the engagement metrics from 6-month intervals and found the following: Year over year, there was a 300% increase in the total number of clients, with a similar increase in the number of clients using the Product at least weekly. We also saw a 350% increase in the weekly time on site. While encouraging, quantitative usage metrics do not tell the whole story, so we worked with Product to do Client interviews. Over a period of a month, we sat with 6 different clients and asked them to lead us through their usage of the product. We listened to their feedback. At the conclusion of the interviews, we collected a significant amount of qualitative data. Encouragingly, it aligned well with the earlier data we were receiving from Pendo and Google Analytics.

Over a year and a half into the engagement with Measured, Variable was able to propose, define, and execute a new Product direction using the tools at hand while also being able to successfully prove the financial benefits of the change.