Patient / Provider Solution for Physical Therapy

Dyaco, PhilipsHealth & FitnessApr 2019 - Aug 2019

In 2019, Variable was introduced to a Health & Fitness manufacturer named Dyaco. Dyaco has long been a provider of Fitness equipment and for the last decade has expanded to providing high quality, robust medical-grade equipment for hospitals and outpatient centers. Dyaco was interested in expanding their place in the market and wanted to provide patients and providers easy access to their data, as well as help them connect with each other and ensure PT sessions were carried out correctly at home even when the physical therapist was not available.

Variable helped Dyaco design a fully realized end-to-end solution that provided the following:

  1. A highly scalable serverless backend built on a Cloud platform (GCP, AWS, Azure were all potential solutions)
  2. Centralized storage and management of the sensitive patient data within Philips HSDP (HealthSuite Digital Platform)
  3. Mobile applications connected to Philips HSDP that enabled patients and providers to access their data, and communicate
  4. Embedded Software in the exercise equipment that communicated with the backend as well as integrated with the mobile applications
  5. Exercise equipment could be remotely managed by the providers, and the manufacturer could also provide remote technical support

At the end of the project period, a fully high-fidelity prototype was provided to Dyaco that encompassed a data export app, patient / provider app, embedded app for the exercise equipment, and an architecture diagram of the backend solution.